What is CPD and how will it benefit me?

You may not be considering the long term learning implications once you qualify as a personal trainer. However, continuing professional development (or CPD for short) is crucial for you to ensure you keep up to date with your training and knowledge in your field of expertise.

To continue to grow as a personal trainer, you need to work on your personal and professional development. This means that your qualifications should not just stop short once you have obtained your L3 Diploma.

Continuing your learning and upskilling should be seen as a benefit to both you and your clients. It is also a great way to carve out your niche as a trainer and stand apart from others. So whether you want to be seen as the “go to” functional trainer or post-natal expert in your area, CPD is essential to get you there.


What CPD is available?

CPD can come in many forms – from courses which can be done online, to work experience outside your field.

At Peak Academy, we have a number of courses to help you progress with your continuing professional development including:

  • Kettlebells
  • Suspension Training
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Nutrition Courses

For further information about our CPD courses, check out our courses page or schedule a call back with one of our team to discuss your options.

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