Macros and Micros

As part of your Personal Training Diploma, you will cover a nutrition module. This will discuss the study of food and how it affects your body. The food we consume is broken down and used as energy (you’ve heard of the saying “food is fuel”). Anything not used as energy is digested, passed through our bodies and becomes waste.

A balanced diet is made up from five nutrient groups plus water. These five nutrient groups can be further broken down into two categories – macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients (or macros for short) are protein, carbohydrates and fat. Alcohol also provides energy but is not a nutrient. Macros are needed to provide energy, growth, repair and building structures.

Micronutrients (or micros for short) are vitamins and minerals. These are needed in smaller quantities that macros but they are still meaningful to our bodies. They are necessary for all bodily functions and are essential health.

Upon completion of your course you can then provide your clients with general food recommendations so that your clients can adapt their diet for improved health and performance.

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