Online or Face to Face

Like anything in life, it’s nice to have options. Having a choice in how your learning journey takes shape, gives you the control to learn in the way that suits your lifestyle best.

At Peak Academy, we have the option to study for your qualification from the comfort of your own home, in your own time at a more affordable price. Or, if you prefer to have face to face tutor support and assessments at our in-house gym, we have the flexibility to offer this method of study and assessment at our centre.

Can’t decide which method is best for you? Check out the difference between the two options below:


Face to face learning:
This option involves a more “hands on” approach to your course. Whilst a majority of the learning – such as the anatomy and physiology theory exam and portfolio coursework completion – is done from home, we see learners face to face to go through the client consultation process, fitness testing, gym inductions, personal training sessions and practical assessments in person. This offers you the opportunity to ask any questions during your session and carry out practice runs with your tutor and obtain feedback ahead of your practical assessments. On the day of your practical assessments, you will be provided with instant results and feedback.

Online learning:

This option enables you to study from anywhere in the world, day or night. You will have access to an e-learning platform with online lessons. You will still have full tutor support, and this will be via phone call or video call. It is a more affordable option to gaining your qualification and you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you like depending on your personal circumstances. You will need access to a gym to film your practical assessments and your results will be given once your assessor has watched your practical assessment video.

If you decide to study for your qualification online and later change your mind, we have the flexibility to offer in-house assessments. However, an additional fee will be payable.

Still not sure which option is right for you? Why not schedule a call back and one of our team can talk through the options and help you decide.

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