Keeping your clients motivated

We all start off wanting to make the change – be it losing weight, improving fitness or increasing strength. However, some of us succeed and others give up. So what can you, as a trainer or instructor, do to keep your clients motivated?

1. Communication is key – having a thorough consultation with your client is so important. Not only to know what and why they wish to change, but to also gain insight into their daily habits. Do they work? Is their job an active or sedentary one? Do they smoke or drink?

2. Gaining an understanding into their habits at home as well as their support network is crucial. Do their friends and family members support their wish to change? Or will they hold the client back from making progress?

3. Goal setting – sitting down with your client and working out short, medium and long term goals is paramount. This helps both you as the trainer and your client see how far they have progressed since they began their journey. It also helps them see how far they have to go and gives you both the chance to review and make changes to the plan where necessary.

4. Using tools – getting your client to keep a food and exercise diary is important. As a trainer you only see your client for a small amount of time in comparison to the rest of their week. It is therefore crucial to see what they are doing and eating at all other times and review this with your client regularly.

5. Feedback and rewards – being honest with your client and providing feedback (both verbal and written) gives the client insight into how they are achieving their goals and can help them to stay motivated. Being non-judgmental and supportive is also important, as well as giving praise and incentives where due to keep your client on track.

As part of your course we cover goal setting and motivational tools to keep your clients supported and on track. Building a good rapport with your client is essential to yours and their success.

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