Like anything in life, it’s nice to have options. Having a choice in how your learning journey takes shape, gives you the control to learn in ... Read More
24th January 2022Peak
You may not be considering the long term learning implications once you qualify as a personal trainer. However, continuing professional development (or CPD for short) is ... Read More
13th February 2021Peak
Here at Peak Academy we like to do things differently. As multi award winning gym owners and employers of a number of successful personal trainers, we ... Read More
12th January 2021Peak
So you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer? Our blog will cover all you need to know, from qualifications and skills needed, to the pros and ... Read More
15th January 2020Peak
We all start off wanting to make the change – be it losing weight, improving fitness or increasing strength. However, some of us succeed and others give up. So what ... Read More
24th October 2019matrix
Group exercise provides the opportunity for like-minded exercisers and instructors to communicate, develop a rapport and build a greater exercising community. It is a great way to get into fitness ... Read More
24th October 2019matrix
Long periods of inactivity or sitting down can have an effect on your posture. Also badly designed programs where you are only working a limited number of muscles, or participating ... Read More
24th October 2019matrix
As part of your Personal Training Diploma, you will cover a nutrition module. This will discuss the study of food and how it affects your body. The food we consume ... Read More
17th October 2019matrix
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